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Private information for HFLAV

This page contains information internal to the HFLAV group.


The agendas of HFLAV meetings are located in Indico


Old documents are uploaded in Gitlab.

Current documents are edited in OverLeaf

Gitlab sites

All HFLAV Gitlab sites are located in the HFLAV GitLab group.

EOS file system

The EOS file system at CERN is located at /eos/project/h/hflav in the local file system. All members of HFLAV with an account at CERN should have read/write access to this. Contact HFLAV conveners if there is a problem with this.

You can use the EOS area for storing output from programs and as a general scratch area. Remember that there is no back-up of the area though. The main repository of code should be in GitLab. You can also use this area for web pages which are written by programs. In that case, they should go into the location/eos/project/h/hflav/www and they can then be found on the web at links like

Mailing lists

The mailing lists are administrated through CERN's e-group system. The following lists are available

  • (everybody)
  • (WG conveners)
  • (AS+UE)

Anybody on the hflav-all list can posts to all the other lists (even if not on them). The lists are, however, closed for mails from non HFLAV members. If you send messages from a different email address compared to the registered one, they might bounce. Contact Ulrik if you want this behaviour to change.

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