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The Heavy Flavor Averaging Group

The Heavy Flavor Averaging Group (HFLAV) was established at the May 2002 Flavor Physics and CP Violation Conference (Philadelphia) and continues the LEP Heavy Flavor Steering Group's tradition of providing regular updates to the world averages of heavy flavor quantities.

The latest averages can be found at Y. Amhis et al., Averages of b-hadron, c-hadron, and tau-lepton properties as of 2021, Phys. Rev. D107, 052008  , arXiv:2206.07501 and online updates here.

The activities of HFLAV are currently divided up into seven sub-groups that focus on individual measurements.

All plots and tables created by the HFLAV group are available under the CC BY 4.0 licence. See licence and citation page for details.

A full list of past publications and preprints of HFLAV is

In addition to this, subgroups of HFLAV have made separate updates of their activities over time.