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Charm decays

Topics being Studied:

  • Properties of broad D**'s and new DsJ states [Nanut Petrič]
  • Excited charmed baryon properties [Yelton]
  • Semileptonic decays [Ma]
  • Decay constants [Ma]
  • Hadronic branching fractions [Naik]
  • Rare D decay modes [Gersabeck]

Leptonic D(s) meson decays

Date Results
June 2021 D and |Vcd|
Ds and |Vcs|
October 2016 D and |Vcd|
Ds and |Vcs|
December 2014 D and |Vcd|
Ds and |Vcs|
CHARM10 (Beijing, October 2010) fDs World average
FPCP10 (Torino, Italy, May 2010) fDs World average
PIC09 (Kobe, Japan, Sept 2009) fDs World average

Properties of Excited D's and new DsJ states

Date Topic
September 2023 Excited D results
June 2021 Excited D results
October 2020 Excited D results
August 2017 Excited D results
March 2010 Excited D results
October 2008 Excited D results

Rare and Forbidden Decays

Date Topic
April 2021 Rare and Forbidden Decay Limits
CKM16 (Mumbai, November 2016) Rare and Forbidden Decay Limits
June 2016 Rare and Forbidden Decay Limits
April 2014 Rare and Forbidden Decay Limits
April 2012 Rare and Forbidden Decay Limits

Charmed Baryons

Date Topic
May 2021 Excited charmed baryons summary
Level Diagram (PDF) (eps)
April 2019 Excited charmed baryons
October 2016 Λc+ results

Semileptonic Decays

Date Topic
June 2021 Semileptonic results
October 2014 Semileptonic results
December 2008 Semileptonic results

Hadronic Decays

Date Topic
September 2021 D0 results
July 2019 D0 results
July 2017 D0 results
October 2014 D0 results
June 2009 D0 results
December 2014 Ds+ results


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